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Strategic Directions

NAPHRO's members work together to advance excellence in health research and innovation across Canada. The Alliance builds on a proven record of collaborative initiatives recognizing that vibrant health research and innovation environments embody diversity of stakeholders working through and towards partnerships and collaborative networks to become stronger with increased awareness of each other's roles, mandates, and interests. 

The diversity within NAPHRO is the major strength of the alliance. As a collegial forum for sharing of ideas and practices, NAPHRO takes on the responsibility to foster operational excellence by enabling member organizations to respond to new opportunities and addressing challenges in innovative and cost-effective ways. With a long standing tradition of generating and sharing data to inform decision making, NAPHRO’s Impact Analysis Group provides leadership in the development of Canada’s capacity in Health Research Impact Assessment (HRIA) {link}.

NAPHRO recognizes that partnerships are an essential element of vibrant health research ecosystems at provincial, inter-provincial and national levels. Partnerships develop from synergistic and collaborative networks of relationships that become stronger with increased awareness of each other’s roles, mandates and interests.

NAPHRO’s inter-provincial and pan-Canadian activities concentrate on three strategic goals: 

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